Download Universal Forex Trading Strategy For Mt4

Download universal trading forex strategy for mt4

Download universal trading forex strategy for mt4

This strategy is characterized by simple and clear rules to trade it can be used on any currency pair. The strategy laid Moving Average EMA with a period of 300 and two LEDs – Nonlagdot and Supertrend.

The exponential moving average is used to determine the overriding trend in the larger timeframe. Trading should be only in its direction: if it goes up, torn off long positions, falls – short.

Indicator Nonlagdot blue and red dots shows the current price movement – its growth or decline. Supertrend display line also shows the direction of the trend.

Universal Forex strategy has the following rules for the open positions. First of all, all trades are opened only pending orders, this gives a safety net from the “wrong” price movements. When purchasing price should be above the EMA, it is the first condition. Nonlagdot indicator to change from red (move down) to blue (upward movement), it is the second condition. Finally, the third condition is the change of the indicator color Supertrend from red to green.

If all conditions are met, we wait until the first rollback and exhibited a pending order. He is placed on the 2-3 points above the high of the current expansion, also need to add on the spread. Total: The price has formed a local maximum, and stepped back a little, at this moment set aside an order to buy above the resulting maximum.

In the event that any of the indicator has changed color, pending orders are deleted immediately. It may be a situation where the price goes up, and a sliding spark there. Then the order is not placed, as the rollback can go at any time, and a high risk of loss to get the stop-loss. It should be noted that the attempt to grab the runaway trend often results in a loss.

Stop-loss is set below Supertrend indicator line, you can put him just below the local minimum. Profit target for this forex strategy is not set, the order is closed when Supertrend indicator changed its color or price touched his line.

This strategy is easy to learn and well suited for beginners. In the attached file you will find the indicators and template files.

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