Download M30 EMA Trading System For Mt4

Free Download M30 EMA Trading System For Mt4

Download M30 EMA Trading System For Mt4

M30 EMA trading system is trend momentum based strategy which uses exponential moving averages. To download M30 EMA trading system for free simply click the “Download” button at the top right corner and test it out yourself.

How to use M30 EMA trading system

This system works on major G10 currency pairs and on M30 or larger time frames. M30 EMA trading strategy is composed of Exponential Moving Average 6 to 21 period, MACD, and RSI.

Continues to Buy and Sell

In order to long an instrument the following contentions should be met:

  • MACD above neutral 0 level;
  • RSI must be between 70 and 30 levels;
  • Candle must close above EMA area;
  • Red or blue EMAs should clearly visible on the chart and not covered by other green EMAs.

Exact opposite conditions are required to short an instrument.

Exit position

Your initial stop loss level should be placed at nearby high/low or any major level. Take profit should be kept at 1:2/3 ratio with SL. Alternatively, you could close opened positions manually after a candle close inside the EMA green area.

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