Download Future Price Forex Indicator For Mt4

Free Download Future Price Forex Indicator For Mt4

Download Future Price Forex Indicator For Mt4

The Future Price indicator shows the probable variants of a future price movement based on the searching for matches in the quotes history. The indicator works in two modes: the first iterates over and displays the specified number of variants, the second – the indicator displays one specified variant.


  • Static_VARIANTS = 0; – display a specific variant; if = 0, iterates over all variants
  • TOTAL_VARIANTS = 20; – the number of variants in the set, not greater than 30 is recommended
  • Time_Seconds_Show = 3; – the maximum time to display one variant from the specified set, the maximum time is limited by the arrival time of the next quote
  • Future_Bars=50; – the number of future bars displayed, not greater than 60 is recommended
  • History_Bars=636; – the number of analyzed bars in history

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