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Cougar Fx Mt4 System

Cougar FX is the latest, fully professional software for speculation on currencies, binary options, commodities, shares of companies or other instruments available on the MT4 platform.

The method has been created based on 8 years of experience on the currency market. You will not find any popular speculation elements like Elliott waves, harmonic patterns or other technical analysis components here. We extracted what is important from the market, so you can easily and efficiently follow the price and finally start earning money as a trader.

howwork_cougar fx

Please watch the video tutorial below.

Main Features

  • 100% non-repaint: The indices have been written by the best programmers, which guarantees they are completely free of the ‘repaint’ phenomenon.
  • Build-in alerts: The system has built-in alerts that will notify you about the signal.
  • Both easy to use and very effective: Blue background – we consider only buy signals, red background – we take interest only in sell signals.
  • Full versatility: The method can be used on every time interval and every instrument available on the MT4 platform. Adjust the trading mode to your personality and start catching pips wherever you like.
  • Completely stress-free trading: Cougar FX entails fully non-discretionary signals. No more analyzing a dozen indices, the only thing you have to do is follow the signals.
  • Binary Options Compatibile: You can use it for Binary Options trading too not only Forex!

1632061340_image8_Cougar fx

The system utilizes statistical analysis to determine further market direction (bull market/bear market), and to find an optimal entry point to the market. The very simple and clear graphical layout will show you exactly what market you are dealing with.

Blue background – bull market

Red background – bear market








Customize the system to your preferences!

The method uses three modes, depending on your expectations, experience and appetite for risk.

Safe mode (green dashboard)

Was designed for traders who likes conservative approach to trading and a small number but highly effective signals.

Standard mode (blue dashboard)

is the most popular and versatile mode. It can used succesfully for scalp, daytrading and swing trading.

Aggressive mode (red dashboard)

is ideal for traders addicted to adrenaline. It provides the fastest signals, but also requires the most experience.

Trading has never been so easy before!

1632061340_image17_Cougar Fx

Pick your trading mode and start making money today!

Each trader will find something that suits them here, regardless of whether you prefer to catch quick movements on m1, engage in classic daytrading, or you don’t have time for sitting in front of your monitor and you just want to make a single order every few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this system and how is it different from others available on the market?

The system, as the only one on the market, utilizes statistical analysis to determine the market’s future direction, as well as an optimal entry point in line with that direction.

Does mastering the system’s principles require a lot of experience?

The system is very easy to use, as can be seen in the embedded video. The only thing you need is the ability to use a transactional platform.

Why is the price so low?

We’ve been working with the forex market for many years and testing various techniques, also full automatic (EAs). You won’t hear a pretty story about saving the world, the truth is additional funds are put into development of the latest robots whose testing and optimization absorb large amounts of money.

What platform does this method work on?

The system has been written for the MT4 platform.

What will I receive after purchase?

After making purchase, you will receive system files, a detailed instruction manual in PDF format

Buy Cougar Fx MT4 System

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One-Time Payment. Regular Price $67.00

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Skrill Option

If you would like to pay through Skrill, log in or create a Skrill account and send $42 to  forexprofitway1@gmail.com with a message “Cougar Fx MT4 System+ Your Email” and you will receive download information within 24 hours.


Perfect Money Option

If you would like to pay through Perfect Money, log in or create a Perfect Money account and send $42 to U16569849 with a message “Cougar Fx MT4 System + Your Email” and you will receive download information within 24 hours.

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