Max Trend Binary System for MT4

Max Trend Binary System Configuration:
Installation and operation of the system MaxTrend!
For nachada we need to distribute files.
1) The files in the folder «indicators» moved to the folder MetaTrader C: Program Files MetaTrader – Your broker experts indicators
2) File folder “template” is moved to the MetaTrader C: Program Files MetaTrader – Your broker templates
3) Restart the terminal
4) Choose a pair with small spreads and opening period M5-H1
This trading System is also good for trading without binary options.

MTH Fast Line
Puls Indicator,
BBStop alert,
Brian Trend 2 Sig Alert,
Brian Trend 2 Sig Alert,
Max Trend Heken Ashi,
Max Trend MA,
Max Trend Price,
Max Trend signal,
Max Trend Signal 2,
Parabolic Sar,
PBF alert,



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Free Download




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