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easyMarkets  Forex Broker Review

Finding the best Forex broker for your trading should be your number one priority when you decide to trade the Forex markets. You’ll want to find a broker that provides a wide range of products for trading, competitive pricing, education and analysis tools that you can use to take positions and a sense of safety for your funds. EasyMarkets is the right choice if you’re looking for this type of broker.

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Trust and Feel Secure With EasyMarkets

EasyMarkets did not just appear on the trading scene a few years ago. They have been one of the top Forex brokers since 2001. Trust is an important characteristic to look for when you’re placing your money with an online broker. Unfortunately, in the past some online brokers have taken on too much risk and had problems making trades good. EasyMarkets ensures that your money is safe by placing it in a separate operating account that is segregated from the operating funds that easyMarkets uses for day-to-day business. This account separation is crucial for the safety of your account and guarantees that there is sufficient liquidity available to cover your account when market fluctuations occur.


Multiple Markets and CFDs To Trade

Having access to multiple markets is important when you are trading. When the volatility in one market slows down, it gives you an opportunity to trade in a market that is offering more of an opportunity for profits. EasyMarkets understands that you demand a wide range of accessible markets to trade. They provide a diverse range of products that include FX forwards, vanilla options and FX daytrading. Spot Forex currently has 135 currency pairs that you can trade, and FX forwards have 45 pairs that are available. EasyMarkets is one of the only top Forex brokers to offer Forex forward contracts. In addition to this wide array of opportunities with spot Forex and FX forwards, just about 50 currency pairs are available for trading as vanilla options on the easyMarkets platform. With this vast amount of products available, you should be able to spot a few opportunities that are ripe for trading.


Excellent Training

While veteran traders can always learn a few new tricks, beginners to the Forex market will appreciate the training that easyMarkets provides. A risk-free trading simulator can be opened by any trader. A demo account will make it easy to simulate the experience that you would have with real-time trading. This gives you a chance to discover the thrill of trading the Forex markets without any cost or risk on your part. Similar to how flight trainees use simulators to give them the same experiences they would have when they are thousands of miles up in the sky, a trading simulator allows you to improve and build your skills so that you can be at the top of your game when you trade the Forex markets with real money. EasyMarkets gives you the time span of eight days to work with your strategies in the trading simulator. They also allow you to keep your demo trading account if you sign up for live trading. That benefit can be used in between live trading to try out new strategies or to work on exits and entries.


Competitive Pricing

When you trade with easyMarkets, you have the advantage of trading with a market maker. This gives them the ability to provide you with pricing that is highly competitive. You have the ability to trade all types of different instruments with a low spread that’s fixed. Trading Forex is fast. You must have confidence on each and every trade you make and be able to follow your plan. Knowing that you can count on fixed spreads, no slippage and no sneaky fees or commissions means that you can just focus on your trading strategies and not have to worry about getting killed with a wide spread when you execute a trade. There’s 100 percent margin available for your trading needs and a free guaranteed stop loss feature to keep your capital safe.


Guaranteed Stop Loss To Protect Profits

One key strategy as a Forex trader is to set stops so that you don’t lose any more capital than you plan. With easyMarkets, you are guaranteed that your stop loss will execute at the price that you set. This is very important as some markets can become quite volatile and create price gaps when unexpected news hits the wires. This gives you full control over how you plan your trades and the confidence in knowing that they will be executed to the parameters that you set after putting your strategies into place. These features are enabled on both Forex trading platforms that are used with easyMarkets.


Choosing the Best Forex Trading Platform

When you trade with easyMarkets, you have the ability to choose the platform that’s right for you. The easyMarkets platform is built with an intuitive and easy to use interface. It provides fast, guaranteed executions for every trade. With this platform, you have the ability to to trade up to 1:400 leverage using news, sentiment and advanced charts on their all in one trading screen. The Market Explore gives you the benefit of one click trading so you can execute your trades as fast as possible. This is crucial when currencies are making fast moves and you get a signal to buy or sell. Also, with this platform, easyMarkets offers a deal that allows you to recover your losses within one hour. You can take advantage of dealCancellation when you sign up for a live trading account. It’s easy to see why this is considered one of the best Forex trading platforms that you can use to make your Forex trades.


Discover dealCancellation

One awesome tool that easyMarkets is making available is called dealCancellation. Imagine making a trade, having it go down on you and having the ability to cancel so that you don’t lose any money. Now, it’s possible with this special tool. If you decide to apply this to a trade, you can turn on dealCancellation with a simple click on the screen. From that point on, you have 60 minutes to cancel the deal. If you are still within the allotted time and decide that your best option is to close the trade, you can do so, and it’s like you never made the trade. This fantastic option is one of the other great reasons why easyMarkets is the best Forex broker. When big events and announcements are made, they often result in a huge amount of volatility that quickly speeds up the action of Forex markets. How cool is knowing that you can cancel your trades during these type of events by using this option and know that you won’t lose any money on the trade!


First Deposit Forex Bonus

One fantastic benefit of trading with easyMarkets is that they offer a Forex bonus when you make your first deposit. You can receive as high as 50 percent of your deposit and a max credit that is equal to $2000! The following table indicates bonuses that you can receive:


– Deposit $100 – $199 to receive a 30 percent bonus.

– Deposit $200 – $1000 to receive a 50 percent bonus.

– Deposit $1001 – $5000 to receive a 40 percent bonus.


By receiving a bonus on your first deposit, it gives you the opportunity to make initial trades with house money. This should help boost your confidence and get you off to the right start as you will not be risking all of the money that you deposit. Take advantage of the bonus and give yourself some leeway when you begin your Forex trading.


You can probably see why easyMarkets is rated as the best Forex broker that you can use for online trading. With their special tools, bonuses, safety, experience, intuitive platform, education, training and competitive pricing, they allow you to follow your trading plans so that you can strategically steer your way through the markets.

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