Download Turbo Signals Swing Forex Trading Strategy For Mt4

Download Turbo Signals Swing Forex Trading Strategy For Mt4

Turbo Fx System is a trend following strategy with analysis of the price action.

There are indicators of support and resistance statics and dynamics.

Time Frame 30 min or higher.

Currency pairs: any.

Metatrader Indicators:

Five MTF Fractal indicators (time frame: 30 min, 60 min, 240 min, 1440 min, 10040 min);

Heiken Aschi V (24);

Heiken Ashi V (4);

Moving Average ( 5 smoothed, 3, median price H/2);

SEFC 05;


Signal (Ema 5, Ema 2, RSIV 13, CCIV 50);

GP clock;

Ferrux FX multi info;

KG swing point (period 1D);

Super Dem indicator;

Gann square 2 (angle up 22,5, angle down 22,5);

Gann 2-1 Indicator;

SEFC 10;

PerkyAscTren (Risk 4);

Signal bar (6);

Xmeter MTF;

Vertical Line Move with price;

Light Channel Draw;

LR Channel;

CCI Nuf (period 50);

FX Bank Trader Dynamic Index indicator;

MTF Waddah attar Explosion ( sensitive 150, this indicator setup with time frame that on use).

Volatility quality indicator (zero line);

SEFC 084;

Candle Average v.3;

Cycle Bar (Price action filter 100);

MTF MACD in Color.

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