download float forex indicator for mt4

Free download float forex indicator for mt4

Free download float forex indicator for mt4

Free download float forex indicator for mt4

a modern pointer that examines the past diagram history for the given cash pair and afterward tries to break down the patterns in the present circumstance. It demonstrates the patterns’ beginnings and finishes in a different outline window and the Fibonacci retracement levels joined with the DiNapoli levels on the fundamental diagram. It likewise shows to what extent back the nearby high and low were distinguished. This marker is accessible for MT4 and MT5.

Input parameters:

  • float (default = 200) — the amount of bars to process for trend analysis. The lower is the number the more current the data will be but the less accurate the analysis will be.
  • use_fibos (default = 1) — if 1 then Fibonacci retracements will be drawn on chart. If 0 then Fibonacci retracements won’t be drawn on chart.
  • Backtesting (default = 0) — doesn’t affect anything.

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