download FX MATRIX PRO Trading System for mt4

free download FX MATRIX PRO Trading System for mt4

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 download FX MATRIX PRO Trading System for mt4

download FX MATRIX PRO Trading System for mt4

FxMatrixPro And Why?
Trend is your best friend…..I am a trend Trader……but I take short rides-short journey……Because my account size is small so I can’t afford huge loss or big SL…..So, I accept maximum 10-20 SL for each Trade….I prefer TF 1M or 5M….beccoz bigger the TF>bigger the SL>bigger the loss…smaller the TF>smaller the SL>smaller the loss….So, this system satisfies my needs and wants…. This system is all about catching and predicting Trend….just look at all images you will know how easy to define the trend and predict the next trend or change of trend….
Defining the Trend (see Introduction Image)
In the “Introduction of the System” image I marked all my indicators….plz read them to understand my system….my first job is to defining the trend correctly….how do I define the trend?

If Standard Deviation Channels (SDC) are in the uptrend and SMA (Period 20 with OHLC/4) is in the same direction then I call that a uptrend….if MA (Trend Alex –at the bottom), FXTraderPro T or R (at the very bottom) and other Indicators (at top right corner) of Different TF are Green I call that a Pure Uptrend….and Vice Versa…..

when I am happy with the trend I take trade (see 1st image – pure example of a good trede)… need not to be a pure trend……if it is a pure trend I make my move more aggressively by increasing lot…..if I am not happy with the trend or it is a conflicting trend I don’t take any trade….
Conflicting Trend (see the Conflicting Trend Image and the Next Image)
When SCD is in the Uptrend and SMA is in the Down-Trend I call that a Conflicting Trend….it’s always better not to take any kind of trade in this type of situation….becoz this could be an indication of trend change…see the example….how I avoided and predict the next trend….also try to avoid taking trade when there is not trend or it is in Range (see last two examples or Images)….but if you can predict what could be the upcoming trend then make your move with tight SL….sometimes we could miss big waves by avoiding conflicting trend or Range but don’t be greedy….

thing about the opposite.…that may give you a consolation….and Forex will be here for us forever….don’t rush…

When I am happy with the uptrend and Volty Channel Stop (VCS) gives me a White Circle I take only Long….but before I make my move I look at the 1M TF’s situation….in 1Min TF I must have VCS in the upward…if VCS is in the downward then I wait for the next white circle to appear in 1M TF to take my Long….and Vice Versa…

With 5M TF I set my SL 10-15 and I Exit my Position in the next Signal….if I take long, I exit when Red Circle appears in my 5M TF….and Vice Versa…..sometimes I take a trade with SL 10, PT 10 and lot 0.1….then I start increasing Lot like 0.2, 0.4, 0.8 and so on until I hit my PT 10….but I suggest you to do it when you are comfortable with the system….however, that strategy works very well as well…becoz of good ratio of Win/loss…..

It is a very simple system for small traders….almost 7 out of 10 trades click….becoz you are catching the trend but making small journey…..system will tell you whether trend is in up, down or range….and you will act accordingly….and Haikin Ashi will help you not to panic….don’t trade High spread with this system in Small TF…..if you use it for High spread use a 20 SL….you can try it with all time Frames… with all time frame very very well…..but adjust your SL according to your TF……just give it a try, this system wouldn’t disappoint you…..just trust me it wouldn’t….

Remember One thing if you are not happy with the trend don’t trade…..don’t fight against the trend or market….go with the flow….and don’t be emotional…..listen to your brain not your heart….and this system will help you to do so….

always always always remember – No Trade is a Part of Trade

SDC = UPTrend
SMA = UpTrend
VCS = White Circle
If Pure Up Trend = High Risk with big lot (optional)

SDC = DownTrend
SMA = DownTrend
VCS = Red Circle
If Pure DownTrend = High Risk with big lot (optional)

IF Long = Red Circle
If Short = White Circle
Or MM with 10-15 SL and 10-15 PT (optional)

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